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Tips for Window Shot

1/ Compose a nice shot looking at the view through a window.

2/ Try and exclude the windowsill and any parts of your surrounding home, the window frame is fine.

3/ Use a tripod or some other means of fixture so that your camera remains steady. If you do not have a tripod then you could steady your camera by leaning it on a chair with some books on it for instance. If you are shooting on your own, it’s best to secure the camera somewhere so that you can be free to open the curtains or blind.

4/ Manually focus your camera and then try and focus on an object outside like a building, tree or wall that is part of the view. If you can manually expose, then expose your camera for the outside view.

Before you shoot please have the blinds, shutters, curtains or any other form of material that keeps light out of your room closed before you begin filming. The idea is to open the shutters, curtains or blinds to reveal the view. If you don’t have any thing to cut out the light then start with your camera underexposed till the complete image can be seen.


5/ Start recording, run the camera for about 10 seconds with the curtain or blind down before revealing the view.
Try to stay out of the shot, ideally we will not see how you open the blind or curtain, try to do it from the side so that your arm is not in the frame or if you have automated shutter blinds that can be operated remotely.

6/ Open the curtains or blind with a steady quick motion and leave the camera to record the view for another 15-20 seconds unless something relevant or interesting happens, in which case stop recording when you feel the shot has come to a natural end.

7/ Follow the simple instructions to upload your file.

Please see example of video below.

Now you’re ready to shoot!