How long should each clip be?
Ideally the clip will be approximately 20 -30 seconds long in total.

Can I film my clip “vertically”?
No. Although this might be the natural way to point and shoot with a mobile phone, please film your clip “horizontally”. Widescreen or “letterbox” format can be accepted but may well be cropped if selected.

Can I send more than one view?
Yes, you can send as many views from different windows as you like. But please upload the views as separate files.

Will all of the views be included in the film?
Not necessarily, if there is a huge volume of entries it might not be possible to include every entry but we will do our best to include as many as possible

Will I be credited?
Yes on both the online site and film.

Do I have to edit the shot?
No the shot should not be edited in any way and should be one short continuous shot.

How do I get to see the film?
As a thank you, contributors will each receive a short trailer version of the film which will feature your view. We will also email you to let you know when and where the film is being screened so you can see it in person. The director exhibits internationally so some screening locations may be across the UK or abroad. Channel Four has commissioned the film for their strand ‘Random Act’s’ which will be shown on Channel Four, the broadcast film will be a shortened version of the original. The full length version will only be available to see in galleries and museums.

There isn’t anything interesting going on in my view, should I still send it?
Yes, we are interested in whatever the view constitutes, nothing interesting might happen, that is fine.

My video won’t upload, what should I do?
Make sure you have followed the upload instructions exactly, if still no progress look at this troubleshooting checklist:
On the upload form; make sure you have filled in all the required (marked with an*) fields
Make sure your video file is not too big – 700mb is the size limit but on average a HD video clip of 20 to 30 seconds should produce a file size of roughly 50 – 150mb
Make sure the file you are attempting to upload is a recognised video file and has the correct suffix at the end of the file name eg: my-video.mov / my-video.avi / etc
Be patient, depending on file size and web traffic your upload could take anything from 10 – 30 minutes…

If you are still having a problem uploading your video, or it is of a higher file size, email us here and we’ll arrange another way to deliver your file.

Thank You